“Knowledge is not power.  Sharing knowledge is power.”


Welcome to the Knowledge section of this website. I love to share knowledge which is hopefully evident in the various sections noted below. My goals are to grow your knowledge of the capabilities of FDMEE, define leading practices, drive broader adoption of the product and ensure that your organization is getting the highest return on your software and services investments. In all fairness, my goals are not entirely altruistic. I hope that your expanded knowledge of FDMEE leads you to want to do more with it. And I hope that you communicate that to your partners and to Oracle. The more Oracle hears from people that use this software to its fullest potential and want more from it, the more they will build into the product. That benefits all of us – the customers and the partners alike.



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If you have come here in search of code snippets, specific error code resolution or any other tactical question, you will be disappointed.  Instead, this site is intended to “teach a man to fish.”  I share ideas and information about how you can use the application. Your job is to translate that knowledge into practice. Good luck and I hope you learn something new each time you visit.